Release Notes

2.3.0 - July 19 2017

  • Updated XrmQuery to be compatible with TypeScript 2.4.1

2.2.4 - June 29 2017

  • Added new methods to grid control which are found in newer versions (i.e. getAttributes())
  • Moved setDisabled and getDisabled from the BaseControl interface to the Control interface
  • Made an AnyControl type which collections of controls use instead of the BaseControl type

2.2.3 - June 29 2017

  • Fix: Promise polyfill was not being included properly in the new gulp compilation setup

2.2.2 - June 28 2017

  • Bind variables are now generated based on N:1 relationships, instead of Lookup attributes

2.2.1 - June 23 2017

  • Fixed filtering and ordering by entity references in XrmQuery for the Web API

2.2.0 - June 20 2017

  • Added some of the new Dynamics 365 form functionality
  • SDK.REST.retrieveRecord now allows null values in the select and expand parameters
  • double attributes are now typed as numbers instead of strings for both endpoints
  • decimal attributes are now typed as numbers in the WebAPI, and as strings in the old REST endpoint
  • Fixed generated output when targeting all entities

2.1.2 - May 24 2017

  • Fixed bug when trying to access elements in the Xrm-namespace, while using declare var Xrm: Xrm<...>
  • Replaced all returns of the Empty... interfaces with the undefined type

2.1.1 - May 20 2017

  • Fixed creation of typings directories

2.1.0 - May 17 2017

  • Removed NuGet dependencies and added necessary assemblies directly as files -- making it easy to use the tool straight from NuGet
  • New argument oneFile makes XrmDefinitelyTyped concatenate all the dynamic parts of the typings into one file context.d.ts
  • Automatic generation of config file, if one does not exist and no arguments are passed to executable
  • Fixed automatic CRM version check
  • General clean-up of code and structure

2.0.7 - February 7 2017

  • Result and FormattedResult interfaces were incorrectly initialized for retrieve queries
  • Removed string type as a valid parameter in certain function definitions of xrm.d.ts

2.0.6 - January 20 2017

  • Made boolean a valid filter type in the Web API

2.0.5 - January 10 2017

  • Fix: Filter.substringof changed to be Filter.contains in the Web API
  • Added matching generic return type on promise() of Query
  • Helper function promiseRequest method now also correctly returns the promise

2.0.4 - December 16 2016

  • Promises now works properly in all cases

2.0.3 - December 15 2016

  • Generation of lib and declaration files is now properly skipped if they are not specified in the configuration

2.0.2 - December 8 2016

  • Fix: Intersection entity interfaces were not generated properly for the Web API (no entity set name)

2.0.1 - December 8 2016

  • More robust usage of GetGlobalContext(), since CRM will bug out in certain cases when it is executed

2.0.0 - December 2 2016

  • The Web API is now supported
  • Generation of REST and Web API entity interfaces is now opt-in, and they can be namespaced
  • Generation of Form interfaces can now be skipped
  • The XrmQuery functionality for the REST endpoint has been moved into XrmQuery.Rest
  • The filter functionality for the REST endpoint has been moved into Filter.Rest
  • base.d.ts has been renamed to xrm.d.ts
  • Interfaces from the IPage namespace have been moved to the Xrm namespace
  • IPage entity interfaces have been deprecated in favor of intersection forms
  • It can now generate the context from a local metadata file via the new save- and load-arguments
  • JavaScript library files (XrmQuery) can now be automatically updated when generating the context with the jsLib-argument

1.11.1 - November 1 2016

  • Better handling of tabs and sections when intersecting forms

1.11.0 - October 6 2016

  • Added union types throughout the generated declaration files to make it usable with TypeScript's strictNullChecks.
  • XrmQuery update (new javascript code):
    • Added getAll function to RetrieveMultipleRecords which concatenates all page results and serves it to the success callback.
    • Changed execute function of RetrieveMultipleRecords to have obligatory errorCallback and onComplete handlers to promote proper usage of paged results.

1.10.0 - September 5 2016

  • Added the possibility of generating special declaration files, which are intersections of multiple forms.

1.9.1 - August 29 2016

  • Fix: Removed the newly version-controlled function addTabStateChange from the base declaration file

1.9.0 - August 29 2016

  • Split base.d.ts into more parts
  • XrmDefinitelyTyped now retrieves the version from the targeted CRM and modifies the resulting base.d.ts to fit that version
    • Made AddTabStateChange function for specific CRM versions (Pre-CRM2016: add_tabStateChange, Post-CRM2016: addTabStateChange)
    • Made CRM 2015 Update 1 form functionality only available, when CRM is that version or higher
  • Added more specific types when getting controls on an attribute via <Attribute>.controls
  • Changed IPage module to be a namespace instead
  • Made IPage.ExecutionContext generic, such that it contains the type of the event source

1.8.0 - August 2 2016

  • Removed current implementation for supporting previous TypeScript versions
  • Made use of string literal types for certain functions in base.d.ts
  • Better error messages when encountering AggregateExceptions
  • XrmQuery update (new javascript code):
    • Added getFirst function to RetrieveMultipleRecords

1.7.9 - July 4 2016

  • Added support for entities and option sets sharing the same name
  • XrmQuery updates (new javascript code):
    • Fixed attribute select in expanded entities
    • Added new filter functions to make it easier to make chained conjunctions: Filter.ors, Filter.ands
    • Added new functions to RetrieveMultiple that make it possible to extend the current filter: .orFilter or .andFilter

1.7.8 - June 22 2016

  • Fixed variable name: Xrm.Page.ui.FormSelector -> Xrm.Page.ui.formSelector

1.7.7 - June 21 2016

  • Fixed bug in XrmQuery when using IE in which it would fail to execute in certain cases
  • Changed getInitialValue() of option-sets to also return the corresponding enum value

1.7.6 - June 15 2016

  • Changed the Option interface to be generic based on the type of the parent attribute/control
  • Updated base.d.ts with more types to allow the use of noImplicitAny in the TypeScript compiler
  • Added a few missing functions to base.d.ts

1.7.5 - May 3 2016

  • Added CRM version check for BPF fields in order to support CRM2011

1.7.4 - February 24 2016

  • Added "/useconfig" argument, see usage for more information
  • Renamed "/config" argument to "/genconfig"
  • Changed exit-code for the executable to be 1 instead of 0, when it encounters an exception

1.7.3 - February 16 2016

  • Added support for the new CRM 2016 form types
  • Added version print when using the executable
  • Added "/config" argument which generates a dummy configuration file to use

1.7.2 - December 29 2015

  • Improved retrieval of CRM metadata

1.7.1 - December 21 2015

  • Added CRM Online 2015 Update 1 functionality to subgrid controls

1.7.0 - December 18 2015

  • Added filtering of which entities should be included in the context, see usage for more information.
  • Fixed a missing generic type declaration on certain controls of type OptionSetControl
  • Reduced version requirements to support backward-compatibility:
    • Reduced requirement of the dependency Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreAssemblies to 5.0.18 or greater
    • Reduced used .NET Framework to version 4.5.2

1.6.0 - November 10 2015

  • Added possibility of using .exe.config file to pass arguments
  • Changed IPage.Control to be generic, depending on the attribute it contains
  • Added IPage.BaseControl as a superclass to IPage.Control that is non-generic and has no getAttribute() function.
  • Added IPage.StringControl and IPage.NumberControl as shorthand names for their corresponding attribute controls
  • Updated entity IPage interfaces with new control types

1.5.6 - October 23 2015

  • Added the attributes and controls that come along when addressX_composite is on a form
  • Added interface IPage.LookupAttribute as a shorthand name for IPage.Attribute<IPage.EntityReference[]>

1.5.5 - September 30 2015

  • Code refactoring in preparation for open-sourcing the project

1.5.4 - September 29 2015

  • Added numbering to controls when there are multiple of the same field on a form
  • Added getAttribute to form controls

1.5.3 - August 31 2015

  • Changed to use more robust Date object check in XrmQuery (updated javascript files)

1.5.2 - August 27 2015

  • Updated to use Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreAssemblies 7.1.1
  • Made XrmQuery and the SDK entities use enums instead of just numbers
  • Altered the type when selecting XrmQuery expand attributes

1.5.1 - August 24 2015

  • Added support for using Date objects when filtering in XrmQuery (updated javascript files)
  • Added execution context object to the handler passed to addOnChange

1.5.0 - August 19 2015

  • Now generates declaration files for the newest TypeScript version
  • New argument tsversion to specify which TypeScript version it should generate files for (newest version is default)
  • All word characters are now allowed in declaration names
  • Added check for empty string declarations, outputting _Unknown instead
  • Eliminated duplicates of global enums and removed the obsolete file optionsets.d.ts
  • Fixed escape of string literals that contained single/double quotes

1.4.4 - August 11 2015

  • Fixed an incorrectly named function.

1.4.3 - August 11 2015

  • Added interfaces for the and Xrm.Page.ui.process objects.
  • Changed an interface for the XrmQuery expand function.

1.4.2 - July 31 2015

  • Fixed an incorrectly assigned interface

1.4.1 - July 31 2015

  • New entity interfaces specifically for XrmQuery to ensure input correctness
  • Updated dg.xrmquery.js and dg.xrmquery.min.js

1.4.0 - July 30 2015

1.3.0 - July 23 2015

  • Changed to use .NET Framework 4.6
  • Added Business Process Flow fields to forms
  • Added more functionality to addOnSave on forms
  • Added missing functionality to Xrm.Page.ui

1.2.2 - July 21 2015

  • Updated to use Microsoft.CrmSdk.CoreAssemblies 7.1.0
  • Added more functionality to lookup controls

1.2.1 - July 7 2015

  • GetContext now throws an exception when called programatically and an error occurs

1.2.0 - June 15 2015

  • Separated declarations for SDK.Metadata.js into a new file metadata.d.ts.
  • Added more specific declarations for the types gotten via Metadata calls
  • Added install script for the NuGet package, which automatically copies the required DLLs into the same folder upon installation

1.1.2 - May 22 2015

  • Fixed type of Money attributes sent and received through the REST API.

1.1.1 - May 7 2015

  • Made the OptionSet attributes use the type of the actual corresponding TypeScript enum instead of just the type number
  • Fixed type of OptionSet attributes for SDK.REST calls.
  • Fixed type of some TwoOption attributes for Form declaration files.
  • Fixed bug when duplicates of the same field existed on a form.

1.1.0 - April 23 2015

  • Introduced a new declaration file for each specific form. Read more here.
    • The previous IPage declaration files are still being generated in case they are necessary.
    • Changes to base.d.ts to comply with the new Form declaration files
  • Added docs to most of the base functionality. - April 10 2015

  • Updated some attribute types to be more specific
  • Added generic Xrm interface for different pages
  • Added executable usage description
  • Better executable error messages

1.0.1 - April 8 2015

  • Added more specific types to some attributes
  • Added support for deleteRecord, associateRecords and disassociateRecords
  • Removed attributes from entities which were not available via OData
  • Changed NuGet package structure and added batch script to copy necessary assemblies

1.0.0 - April 7 2015

  • Initial public release
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