Migrating from 1.X to 2.0

Most of the renames and relocation of interfaces to different namespace can solved by using simple search and replace functionality, like XrmQuery. -> XrmQuery.REST. for the REST endpoint.

Following is a list of changes that may break your code:


  • All interfaces previously in the IPage-namespace (i.e. IPage.Attribute<string>) have been moved to the Xrm-namespace
  • The generation of IPage declaration files has been removed. Cross-form scripting is now done by using form intersections instead.
  • base.d.ts has been renamed to xrm.d.ts (in case you are referencing it anywhere)

XrmQuery (REST)

  • To generate REST API files, you now need to specify the -rest argument to XrmDefinitelyTyped
  • Use the newly added -jsLib argument to make XrmDefinitelyTyped automatically update your local XrmQuery JavaScript files when it is run
  • The JavaScript files have been renamed from dg.xrmquery.js/dg.xrmquery.min.js to dg.xrmquery.rest.js/dg.xrmquery.rest.min.js
  • All previous XrmQuery calls towards the SDK REST API endpoint can now be accessed at XrmQuery.REST instead
  • Likewise has all related filter functionality from the REST endpoint been moved from Filter to Filter.REST
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