Form intersection

Got client-side logic that needs to run on multiple forms which have similar attributes, control, tabs, etc., that you need to use in your code?

Make a declaration file using form intersection!

How it works

Form intersection evaluates the forms specified, and combines all common attributes and controls, tabs and sections into a single form interface.

This makes it possible to create client-side code that can be used and shared safely across multiple forms.

You can generate as many form intersection files as you want, and they are defined by passing in the GUIDs of the forms you want to intersect with the formIntersect-argument. See usage for more details.

The intersection form interfaces can be found at Form._special.<NAME-OF-FORM>.

How to find the GUID of a form

My recommended way is to open the desired form, and execute Xrm.Page.ui.formSelector.getCurrentItem().getId() in a developer console.

Alternatively, you can find it by opening the form in the form editor through your CRM solution, and examining the formId query-parameter in the URL:

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